Two ways to reduce costs:

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1)  LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS -  LED’s convert on average, 50% of energy into light, in comparison to incandescent at a tiny 4%. This means that 96% of your electricity goes to heating the bulb, resulting in higher energy costs, shorter life due to heat degradation and higher HVAC costs to keep your facilities cool.  

 Gauge the impact of an LED implementation with a no strings attached Professional Assessment.  We’ll visit each of your locations on your schedule, review your current lighting infrastructure and analyze your energy spend. 

2)  ENERGY PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS -   Between energy market fluctuations and the changing needs of your organization, procuring energy at the lowest cost, and the most favorable terms, is challenging. 

We cut through the complexity of energy procurement to bring you the best energy rates available from the nation’s top suppliers. With us as your energy procurement partner, you’ll gain access to a vast network of energy suppliers, highly competitive energy pricing, and the strategic insight to reduce your long-term energy risks.