About Us


Our Experience

Peter Koffman and Dan Koffman have  over 30 years of combined experience  helping  businesses and organizations

reduce their costs and improve their efficiency.


The Value Proposition

At Koffman Inc. our incentives are aligned with your own. It is like having a loyal employee on your team without the long-term commitment and expense. 

If you seek financial opportunities that create new value streams that benefit all areas of your organization, then  a Koffman Inc. expense audit can provide exactly that, permanent cost reductions shared by the entire organization.


Why Us?

Business  evolution constantly creates increasingly more efficient, productive business methods, yet understanding and the implementing these efficiencies is daunting. Put Koffman Inc. to work and we will lower your costs immediately  Then we will follow up to monitor your services and invoices and keep you informed of potential future savings opportunities. You can focus on your business, knowing we are on the job saving money for you. We challenge you to find another opportunity that is so simple, secure and profitable.