Cost Management

We offer innovative cost management solutions, custom made for your organization.  Our primary focus is on the following expense categories:  Internet, local and long distance phone service, conferencing, electricity, natural gas, lighting and cyber security.

More Profit

We audit your invoices for errors,  overcharges  and unneeded or unauthorized expenses. We  look for cost reductions from your current vendors or by utilizing competitive service providers.

No Risk, Contingency Based Services

Simply stated - We recover money and/or reduce costs or you don't pay  us. 

Our fees come from the savings opportunities you implement, from funds previously budgeted as expense.   

The consulting and auditing Process

Step 1

You outline any plans to add, reduce or change current operations.  You provide us with most recent invoices and any existing term agreements. We do a detailed review of all documents and request any credits or refunds due and discover savings opportunities.

Step 2

Upon your approval, Koffman Inc will manage each portion of negotiation and/or implementation with vendors and service providers to facilitate transitions to avoid any surprises.

Step 3

Koffman Inc. bills for services only after improvements that result in lower expense and/or credits have been identified and presented. Your cost for our service is based solely on a percent

of your savings.