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About Us

Koffman Inc. offers cost management and consulting services for multiple cost centers.  Being an independent agency, we strive to provide each client with unbiased insight and recommendations while remaining focused on YOUR needs. Our service offerings range from bill auditing for errors, overcharges and unauthorized services to consulting and contract negotiations with your service providers. Koffman Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Florence, WI.


Peter Koffman understands the complexity of managing and operating a business. His experience as CEO of a multi-line junior department store, Koffmans, Inc., operations manager of a group of ComputerLand franchise stores and his nearly 20 years in the technology field afford him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Peter is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B. A. in Economics. He has attended numerous seminars and conferences involving the latest advancements in telecommunications.
He earned the AVAYA certification to sell structured connectivity solutions, while working as an account manger in telephone systems and related equipment division of a major Midwest electrical company, Van Ert Electric Co.

He is focused on the convergence of computer and telephony solutions and how they best apply to each individual business or organization. Peter‘s position on customer service can be summed up by this statement; “If you have an issue, or a problem, call me and I will take ownership of it.”        
Dan Koffman is a graduate of the Haworth Business College at Western Michigan University.  Prior to working as a business consultant, Dan had extensive experience in financial advising.   His background includes heading a financial planning division for Chase Bank and later running his own investment banking and financial services firm. 

"Even if customers are perfectly happy with their service from their present providers, we will help them reduce their costs by implementing more efficient systems and eliminating hidden and unnecessary fees.” said Dan.  “The most exciting part of this business, for me, has been uncovering erroneous or unauthorized charges and negotiating credits for clients that did not realize they were overspending.   Most businesses don't have the knowledge or time to decipher confusing and complex  invoices. When we find errors and overcharges it enables us to recover substantial dollars and correct future billings, resulting in ongoing lower costs."

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